My yogic journey began long before I realized…when I was about 7 years old. Wheel pose was one of my favorite pastimes; I truly enjoyed viewing the world upside down. Many years passed and I found myself attending class at Gaia Flow Yoga. Immediately I got the happy feeling I had when I was younger, and what’s more, the practice was rooted in love. I felt safe, I felt free, I felt me.

When the opportunity presented itself to become a certified yoga instructor, I immediately knew where I wanted to train; the first place I considered to be my yoga home: Gaia Flow Yoga. After only two week’s training, I could feel a shift taking place both physically and mentally. I found myself letting love take over. I began to look for the good in bad situations, to not be so quick to judge people, to value the relations in my life, and, in one of the hardest ways possible, to “live every moment as if it is your last, it may very well be.”

In addition to the mental and emotional changes that were taking place, I began to notice them on a physical level. My breathing became deeper, my spine as flexible as it was when I was 7, and my muscles stronger and firmer.
It may sound cliché, but yoga has changed my life for the better. From the friends I have made to the deeper understanding I have of the girl in the mirror each morning, I am truly on a path of happiness and gratitude.
If I can give one piece of advice to someone just beginning their yogic journey, or perhaps anyone beginning to tire along the way, do not give up. Your mind will give up long before your body and heart will. You are exactly where you need to be.

All my love,