My yoga journey first began in junior year of college during a stressful finals season. I decided to take a yoga class at the student fitness center and loved how rejuvenated I felt afterwards. I’ve always been active, but I never had a steady work out schedule. This class made me want to keep practicing. Unfortunately, as a young college senior, I didn’t make enough time for it and only went sporadically.

After graduating, moving back to Dallas and settling into my new career, I began to search for another studio to practice yoga. When I found Gaia, I was at a more stable time in my life and ready to commit. Yoga has kept me grounded through the happy and exciting times, and sane through the inevitable rough patches. Practicing yoga at Gaia is where I found my piece of mind after a long day at work or a stressful week. I started noticing that the more I went, the better I felt. I slept better, I had more energy, and, of course, I was becoming more flexible.

After being thrown a million curve balls, I still find so much happiness and love in my life. I also enjoy animals, pizza, quality time with family and friends, sporting events, boot camp, traveling, healthy cooking, movies, and nerding out. No matter what hardships life has thrown at me, yoga has been the one constant that has made me who I am today: more patient and more appreciative of this wonderful journey called Life.