​Although I had done a yoga class here or there, my true practice of yoga began in 2015. Gaia Flow Yoga came to me at a time in my life that I needed not only physical strengthening, but emotional and mental well-being as well. It has been through yoga that I find a reminder of peace, joy and freedom. It is the joy that I find with yoga that made me want to become a yoga instructor. I hope that sharing yoga with others will help fellow souls find their own inner peace.

​Originally raised in Idaho, my husband, Tom, and I found our way to Texas after graduating college about 15 years ago . I have a bachelor’s of science in dental hygiene and enjoy helping patients with their oral health, but the world of practicing dentistry can be unforgiving to the body. Yoga has been an incredible relief for many of the ailments that my profession causes and I am reminded often how lucky I am to have found yoga when I did, especially when I see other dental professionals crippled after practicing just a few years of dentistry.
​When not doing yoga, I enjoy listening to music and podcasts, reading, watching Netflix, hanging with friends, wine-tasting and brewery tours. We have two sweet felines, Felice and Magnolia, who frequently show me a perfect marjaryasana.

Hope to see you on the mat!