My yoga journey began in 2003 when I found myself burnt out and struggling to find that perfect fitness routine. After playing competitive sports most of my life, my mom insisted I try a class with her and I immediately fell in love. For the longest time, I was never able to put my finger on exactly why I would crave it but I continued to go when I could. Over the next several years, I found myself in various gyms and studios trying to find the ideal combination of cardio, weight training, etc to achieve the look and feel I wanted for myself – always thankful for the wonderful way yoga made me feel but still only viewing the practice as a small piece of this puzzle.

In 2008, feeling like I’d hit yet another stagnant point in my fitness, health…life, and craving my next challenge, I found Gaia Flow Yoga and recommitted myself to my practice. Over time, with a lot of love and guidance from my gifted teachers, I found myself less interested in the physical aspects of my practice and turned my perspective inward. I began to let go of all the distracting mental chatter and expectations I had for myself when I stepped on the mat. I no longer noticed what the person on the mat next to me was doing. I was actually experiencing each the NOW as it was happening – and my world changed. You’ll hear your yoga instructors refer to this as “being present” which sounds simple enough but it’s not. The physical benefits are real but the realization that my practice has the power to educate and evolve who I am off the mat is why I continue to practice and what prompted my desire to teach. My wish is that every student feels loved, restored and inspired after each class.