Gaia Flow Yoga Instructor Rika KelleyI used to live a fast-paced life, carrying a lot of stress from my job. In early 2012, I found Gaia Flow Yoga and my life changed for the better.

One of the beautiful things about practicing yoga is to find a strong steady connection with ourselves mentally, physically and spiritually.

It’s all about YOUR practice…

This concept completely got me hooked into this yoga world and here I am, years later, honored to teach at Gaia Flow Yoga.

We all experience the “ups and downs” of life and most of us have a busy life style, but we do not have to let that define our life path.  This truth I learned on my yoga mat.

I am still delightfully enjoying my yoga journey and I am ready to share my experiences with you on the mat.  Let’s do it together—practice, practice, practice.