Gaia Flow Yoga Instructor - Jordan StevensMy journey into yoga began a few years ago. At twenty-one I became a new mother. For the next year, all of my time was completely devoted to my son. It was wonderful, but I felt like I lost myself.

Yoga was my salvation.  It was something I could do “just” for me. Everything changed, my body, my mind and most importantly, my outlook. I became a better mother and a better person.

Confident that yoga was my healing path, I searched for my yoga home.  Fortunately, I found Gaia Flow Yoga. What most interested me in this studio was the love-based philosophy and spiritual guidance. My personal healing inspired me to share the gift of Gaia Flow Yoga with others, so I signed up for teacher training.

The benefits of yoga flow far beyond my asana practice and enrich my personal life and confidence as a young mother.

I am honored to serve my students. I love to share the transformational gifts of yoga with everyone I meet. I hope to see you on the mat at Gaia Flow Yoga and be part of your yoga journey and personal transformation.