Gaia Flow Yoga Instructor Christie NelsonI am a mother, performance artist, educator, and Gaia Flow Yoga instructor.

Yoga is my pathway to bliss.

Yoga is a grounding force in my life that keeps me centered so that I can be there for others—my daughter, my friends, family and students.  Through yoga, I learned to let go of old habits and allow for new possibilities in my life.

What I bring to the mat as a teacher is my years of experience as a performance artist, the wisdom of being a mother and my great love of the art of yoga.

Educated in a Gaia Flow Yoga, love-based philosophy, my intent is to assist my students grow their practice, expand their horizons, reach their goals and most importantly to evolve.

I am humbled and honored to share the gift of yoga with my daughter and my students.

Love and Light,