The first time I took a yoga class I was in college looking for a new workout routine. I did not enjoy it and I did not go back.  It was dull and I equated it to what many do – fancy stretching.  Ten years later, I was working for a company where it seemed everyone did yoga.  I thought I’d give the stretching routine another try.   I ended up taking a class at Gaia and it felt different.  It was challenging.  By the end of the practice, I was sweating from head to toe, but I felt more energized than when I arrived. I remember my mind was clear for the rest of the afternoon.  I wanted more of that feeling.
One of my favorite aspects of yoga is that it forces to you to be present.  The breath, the movements and the mantras all work together to help you appreciate what’s happening now. I started noticing small things that I really looked forward to – how deep I could make my inhales and exhales, how I saw the sadhana in my daily life, and how I calm I felt afterwards.  I started feeling more grateful for my body and what I could do with it.  I look forward to sharing and appreciating those moments with you.
When I’m not on the mat you can find me spending time with my husband and our family and friends. I love traveling (especially to beach destinations), exploring and snuggling with our cat.

Hope to see you soon,