My yogi journey began as a means to exercise and get a good workout, little did I know I would be in a journey to help transform yogis journey by finding freedom within their bodies, unwinding the mind, finding flexibility and strength while taking their breath to the next level.

Yoga gave me the gift to appreciate the simplest things and most importantly being balance and present.  I have been involved in the fitness industry for several years but I had never experience peacefulness and contentment while feeling challenge as I do every time I practice on my mat.

I can honestly say that going through the 200+ hours training took my practice to the next level and I am honored to share with my students the benefits and peacefulness that BREATH gives us. The simplest thing yet the fuel that keeps us alive.

I hope to inspire and empower each soul that I get to practice with. See you on the mat!

All my Love and Light,

Erika Falcon Gaia Flow Yoga Instructor