I feel that the communion between mind, body and soul is something we as humans inherently gravitate toward in seeking our True selves.

In my case, finding my personal practice of yoga felt a lot like coming home from a long lost journey. There has always been a kind of familiarity to it even from my first practice. It was almost like I had been practicing yoga before I knew what it was, it felt so natural.
Like pulling back an old dusty but familiar curtain and delighting in rediscovering the hidden love for myself and others that had always been there.
I finally realized I was a yogi! And everyone else is a yogi too!
Everyone’s practice, no matter where they are in their journey is as beautiful and perfect as the moment is. It is an amazing gift to share.
Every time I teach my heart is filled with gratitude for my student’s willingness to share their unique practice and energy with me.