“You don’t have a soul. You are a Soul. You have a body.” – C.S. Lewis

My yoga journey began at the end of high school right before I was leaving for college. I practiced on and off throughout my college career, but my true yogic journey began the day I stepped through the doors at Gaia Flow. Although I had practiced the basics, in the beginning of my journey at Gaia Flow and through my teacher training I felt very behind. I was surrounded by some absolutely amazing yogis, and had never even tried some of the beautiful poses many of them had mastered. I have an “inspiration journal” that I have been adding to for about five years.

Every time I saw a yoga pose, a quote that inspired me, or just a picture that made me smile I would glue it into my journal. At the end of my teacher training, I realized from looking at my journal, that I was now able to do all of these poses I had dreamed of being able to do. At some point, I think I believed that once I was able to get into these poses I would feel like a true yogi. I would feel accomplished and confident in my practice. It made me realize that the goal of yoga is not to master the asanas.

The goal of yoga is to open the heart to the divine love that is here for us all. Yes, getting the poses and working on poses is a very enjoyable and even stress relieving process. But in the end, it’s about love. Love for yourself and love for those around you. Yoga brings presence into every aspect of your life and has an amazing way of freeing the body and mind to greater things. A dear friend of mine said it perfectly “instructing is my way of helping others be the beautiful, joyful, and loving beings that they are.” I am honored to be teaching at Gaia Flow and look forward to spreading the love and light that yoga brings into our lives. I hope to see you on the mat soon.