In January 2013 I was in need of a change.  I wasn’t sure how big or small the change should be but knowing me, parachuting out of a perfectly good place was not exactly what I was looking for.  Little did I know what my mind, body and soul were about to get themselves into.  I decided it was time for this “small” change as I was browsing through Facebook and noticed a friend of mine I graduated with, had become an instructor.  She made yoga look so easy and peaceful.  Handstand here, back bend there.  If it looks easy, it isn’t.  Trust me.    I decided that very moment; yoga was the change I needed.

My first instructor just happened to be the owner of Tiffany’s Yoga in Norman, Catie Coon.  Who is also a Gaia Flow Certified Instructor.  She was very welcoming and loving to everyone that walked through the door.  I wanted to be part of the peaceful loving environment that yoga offered.  My first few classes, I was pretty shaky on the mat but I was determined not to let a few falls and little mishaps keep me away from my new love.  As time went on, my love deepened for yoga and I yearned for a new “small” change.  I was presented an opportunity to move to Dallas, from Oklahoma. My job was able to transfer me and was flexible with my yoga training schedule, so I gratefully accepted.

With the support of my fellow yogis, close family and friends I began my yoga journey in the spring 2015 at Gaia Flow. I began learning about the human body and how to connect myself with the world.  Yoga has allowed me to look inward and help me figure out how to work my mind in conjunction with my body.

Finding a peace and stillness in a fast moving world, is such an amazing experience.  During my peace and stillness, I have been able to reflect on these so called “small” changes and have realized that they weren’t so small.  This change has impacted my life more than any other “big” changes I have ever made.  You just have to “Let go your Ego”, live and let live, free from judgement.  My goal is spread this feeling of love and light in my Dallas community because I am a Texan by birth and a Texan at heart.

See y’all on the mat,

Christopher Grajeda Gaia Flow Yoga Instructor