It has been 2 years since my family and I relocated to Dallas from Chicago….. huge change for us all, but in a good change. Texas culture has slowed me down physically & mentally .  Teaching  me  to “smell the roses”.
Coming from a group exercise hard core instructor background I taught with the motive “no pain no gain”! With this type of thinking I never listened to my heart, my soul, my  inner voice to STOP!

I never felt peace, joy, content, just crawled out of the studio…..  Until I discovered why did I need to do that???

Not only was my workout no rewarding, but “I” was not connected with body, mind, spirit.  Then I discovered Yoga!!  WOW, everything went from black & white to color!!!  My life changed from rush, rush, rush, to slow down & open your heart to the bliss that has always been there.  Not saying it was easy, it took a lot of discipline mentally, spiritually & physically to continue to get on my mat.  My happy place where I can be still & accept my true self.

One of my purposes in this life is to share that love & peace to others.  Gaia Flow Yoga has taught me it’s your choice how you want to walk on this earth…… choose it!

Acceptance of self and opening your heart is a wonderful experience.

Chasrise Rossi Gaia Flow Yoga Instructor