Crenina Garcia - GAIA FLOW YOGA INSTRUCTORCarenina -Gaia Flow Yoga Founder & Instructor

Yoga has always been an interest of mine. 

When I was young, I would check out kids yoga books at the library because the poses looked fun.  Later in life I turned to yogic meditation and breathing to help me control my asthma.  In the summer of 2008 I found Gaia Flow Yoga, a community of yogis at all levels that welcomed, encouraged, and respected me.
I decided to become a yoga instructor for a few reasons.  First, I wanted to complement and enhance what I can offer my students as a salsa dance instructor.  Secondly, as a lifelong commitment to my own quality of life and ability to help others.  Lastly, to have a better understanding of yoga’s effect on the human body and spirituality.
I’ve been a dance teacher since 2001, and have seen many students grow in their abilities and surprise themselves on the dance floor.  I can’t wait to see what transormations I’ll see on the mat!

All my love,