I have always been a fitness and health/wellness advocate, but my yoga journey began in 2012. I have been involved in two major car accidents in my life; the first one being right before my high school graduation, and the second one occurring right before my wedding. These were two pivotal points in my life.

Right before my second car accident, I had started practicing yoga at a local gym, but was not an avid practitioner. After my car accident, my physical therapist, and chiropractor suggested I take my practice more seriously. My back was in a lot of pain, so I was desperate for relief. I had transferred from an Industrial Engineering job in manufacturing to a Management Engineering job at Baylor Scott and White Health and moved to downtown Dallas with my husband Tyler. I had begun seeking a yoga studio, and happened to walk past Gaia Flow Yoga one afternoon, took a class and immediately signed up to become a member. With a regular and consistent practice, I noticed that my body was beginning to naturally heal itself.

During my years of practice, I realized that yoga is so much more than a physical practice; there is a spiritual component that is much more important and fulfilling. I believe that yoga not only benefits the body, but also the mind and spirit! I teach that the mind is the software and the body is the hardware and that God intends for us to maintain both. As a Christian, I know that God is the only authentic path to true wellness, and yoga allows me to follow His teachings of honoring my temple while quieting my mind and learning to meditate and focus on Him.

I later decided to pursue my yoga teacher training certification in order for me to grow my practice, and teach what I love! Through the years, my faith has grown stronger, and my practice much deeper, and I love to pass my knowledge along to my students. I pursued my RYT200 certification, and then the following year, I completed my RYT300 upgrade and became a RYT500 instructor!

I teach cardio, meditative, gentle and yin style yoga, but most importantly, I listen and watch my students to ensure that they are receiving the most out of my classes. I receive fulfillment in seeing yogis get into poses they thought were not possible! I teach my students to take their time, adding breath with movement, and to use yoga as a form of moving meditation, with the understanding that yoga is so much more than just the asanas (poses).

One of the most important disciplines within my personal practice is surrender. Many people surrender to God when life’s challenges become harder and more difficult to bear, surrendering as a last resort rather than as a first resort. Bearing that in mind, surrender can also be applied on the yoga mat. In the yoga practice, the more a student resists, the longer it takes to accomplish the full expression of a pose. If a student begins a practice without setting their intention to that of surrender and God-Awareness, they become easily frustrated when they are unable to accomplish a physical challenge. When a student surrenders into the pose, letting go of resistance and tension, they are able to accomplish more and deepen into the pose and, in the end, deepen their practice. Similarly, when life grows tough, that’s when we should practice surrendering to God, letting go of tension, worry, and anxiety while finding peace. We are to give our best in every aspect of our life and, then, surrender the rest to Him.

I believe the fitness industry will shift and focus on more mind/body exercises, wellness and prevention solutions. I am beginning to see this shift slowly through more natural approaches to healing such as diet, mind/body exercises, mental health care, chiropractic care, therapy, essential oils, sound healing, and so much more! I consider myself an “agent of change” in the health & wellness community, and will continue to sponsor, support, and champion the mind/body/spirit movement.

Join me on the mat and let’s deepen our physical, mental and spiritual practice!

Love and Blessings,
Brittney Hall