I know it sounds cliché but, for me, yoga really is the gift that keeps on giving. A week of unlimited yoga at Gaia Flow Yoga was part of a birthday gift.  When I received it, I didn’t realize what an impactful gift I had received; I had no idea how it was going to change my life.

Even before Gaia Flow, I was a proponent of physical health and fitness—I would go for a run and work out in the gym every day, and I was fine with it until I began to incur running related injuries frequently, and experiencing persistent back pain. I was also experiencing mental stress due to my job; so, for all of these reasons, I thought that yoga would do me a lot of good.

Since the first class I walked into—a 12:00 PM Zenith Ocean class—I was hooked; I thought “I’m never going to the gym again!” The class was challenging, engaging, and stress relieving in ways I had not previously experienced. My injuries healed and I started to gain a different kind of strength and fitness—not just in my body but (finally!) in my mind, and for someone like me, with a busy “monkey mind” that is always cluttered with thoughts and worries, yoga’s ability to clear the mind is the most amazing gift.

Gaia Flow Yoga really is something exceptional. For me it has always been a haven from the chaos of the world—a welcoming place where I can feel my troubles melt away on my mat; where I can feel free to be my truest self, and be amongst the teachers there that have become some of my dearest friends; a place free from judgement and inhibition. Teaching yoga and sharing its gifts with others is an inexplicable feeling and I am immeasurably grateful very single day that I have been given the opportunity to do so. I can only hope to make every person that comes to Gaia Flow Yoga feel the same way that I do when I walk through the doors—that they are home.