“Any circumstance can be overcome; all wounds can be healed; and no two people’s paths are the same”.

Yoga is what keeps me grounded in the present moment and calm amidst the twists and turns in life. I attended my first yoga class over 15 years ago and have witnessed my physique, mind, and spirit completely transform. My evolving practice quite literally saved my life during several immune and stress-related illnesses, as well as through some of life’s major losses.

I have spent over a decade studying ancient healing modalities including multiple forms of Yoga, Meditation, Herbalism and traditional Ayurveda. My ultimate mission in life is to empower others to feel truly accepted, loved, and safe. This inspired me to becoming both an RYT-200 Certified Yoga Instructor and a Certified Integrative Holistic Heath Coach and Founder of Vibrant Method Health Coaching.

I firmly believe, as evident in thousands of scientific journals, that Yoga and Meditation can completely rewire our being, reprogram our health and improve our state of mind.  From both a personal, spiritual and tangible medical perspective, I am living proof of this.

My absolute favorite element of teaching Yoga is observing students build their strength and flexibility, enter new variations of their poses, and celebrating their unexpected triumphs. They eagerly push themselves a little further each day and, as a result, applaud their tiny miracles on (and off) their mats. I have introduced many of my Vibrant Method clients to Yoga, each of them, a unique shape, size, athletic ability, health condition, and mental mindset. Every single one of them felt the bliss of true relaxation and accomplishment after just one class. Many of us struggled to touch our toes and hold a downward facing dog at first (I’m still allowing my body to ease into lotus pose – and that’s OK), but as time goes on, we discover what our amazing bodies can accomplish. Yoga allows each of us to win every day and fall in love with ourselves at the deepest level.

When I’m not in the studio, I spend my time with beloved friends and family developing delicious superfood recipes, eating (a lot), traveling, and exploring all that the universe has provided for me. Most importantly, my waking (and sleeping) hours are devoted to my little dogs who masquerade as little human beings covered in fur.

Come join me on the mat ~Namaste

Gaia Flow Yoga Instructor