ASHLEY AKIN - INSTRUCTOR GAIA FLOW YOGAI have been teaching in group fitness since 1987, and it has always been something that must be a major part of my life since I became an adult.

I began my yoga path in 1999 when I lived in Los Angeles, but it wasn’t until 2004 that I gave up all other activities on a regular basis to do the Gaia Flow practice literally 6-7 times a week!
I find that yoga really “flows” over into your real, everyday life. You begin to breathe in difficult situations just as you do in a difficult pose when before you might hold your breath and stress yourself/your body out!
What I love about yoga is that it is a total mind, body, and soul experience! The benefits of yoga are like no other physical activity I have ever done! Trust me, you would never find yourself in these positions unless you’re in a yoga class!

Yoga is such an extraordinary adventure physically as there is always a place to go in your practice. Challenges you think you will never be able to meet all of a sudden become your reality and you find yourself doing that impossible pose! It’s truly an incredible feeling of accomplishment like no other!

Ashley Akin