Ariel Ketcherside

I have been practicing yoga since 2005, and I graduated from Gaia Flow Yoga’s Teacher Training course in 2011. This studio is one of my favorite places in the world, as I have seen countless lives transformed through its loving and invigorating environment.

I have a Master’s degree in Cognition and Neuroscience, and will finish my PhD in 2017. My work, undergraduate studies in Biology and world religions, global travels, and personal studies in Buddhism all contribute to my instruction of the physical and mental aspects of yoga. Specifically, my research in emotion regulation and reward-based decision making also help me understand the best neural mechanisms and practices to employ for optimization of individuals’ lives and mental health. In the lab, I use biofeedback and neuroimaging to objectively understand what I subjectively experience in the yoga studio every day: that conscious movement and awareness in each moment without judgement gives people peace, and the mental space to grow into their highest abilities.

As an instructor, I strive to help people reach these potentials through inward exploration, and self-challenge laced with light-hearted humor. Through this beautiful and ancient tradition, my students learn about themselves one breath at a time, one asana at a time. Fluid breath through these sometimes uncomfortable physical poses helps us maintain equanimity in our practice, which seeps into our lives so that we can float more peacefully, gracefully, and creatively through any situation.