Movement is the greatest passion of my life. My path to yoga was a natural progression from my many years of dance training. Yoga compliments ALL types of physical training. And will pleasantly surprise you with all of its many benefits—physically, emotionally, and spiritually. The benefits of yoga are simply astounding. Yoga has brought a great sense of calm and groundedness into my life. It has cultivated mindfulness, contentment, and simplification in my life. I have found a wonderfully fulfilling sense of confidence both physically and emotionally. For ten years, I worked as a professional fashion model. For those ten years my body was never good enough. I was always concerned with those pesky inches. And those concerns did a doozy on my young emotional well being. Yoga transformed my body and mind and for the first time in a long time I found love for myself. I was able to allow myself to have stability of mind and let go of my habits of always living and thinking on the edge. I was also able to let go of a lot of shame and self proclaimed failure that I was unhealthily holding onto. I found love for my body, love for my self, and peace in my life. And I was just trying to advance my dance training! Wow!

Studying the philosophy of yoga challenges me further on my yogic journey. It is positively shaping the way I view the world and others, as well as myself, and shedding light and finding the positive in every situation. Yoga is a practice of presence and awareness—a whole life approach. It has the ability to transform lives. I am so humbled to be able to share this amazing tool with others.

Love and Light!