Since my college years, before I found yoga, I committed to many different forms of exercise. I started with running. And in doing so, I was able to gain endurance and lose a significant amount of weight. After losing the extra body fat, I moved onto strength training, which helped me to gain muscle. In search of the next new challenge that would give me results, I also experimented with pilates, HIIT, and Insanity.

Although all of these forms of exercise had served me in some way at different points in my life, none of them gave me what I truly thirsted for, until YOGA. More than losing weight, more than gaining strength and stamina, I found:

Freedom… from any feelings of anger or guilt that I stubbornly held onto.

Inner-peace… that allowed me to be more present in my day-to-day moments.

Love… for myself and others. It’s been the most empowering thing to be able to accept myself as I am now, not who I was or who I will be, just who I am now, fully and truly. By having compassion for myself, I learned how to give to others a love that is pure and unconditional, a love that asks for nothing in return.

At Gaia, I found a true appreciation for yoga as a lifetime practice. Gaia is a special place, one that has my heart; it’s where I’ve found my second-family and is also where I’ve chosen to share these same gifts to you–the gift of freedom, inner-peace, and love.

See you on the mat soon