With an extensive background in knowledge of the human body as a doctor of physical therapy, I know the benefits of yoga and movement for the body. I did not believe it was right to provide asanas for my clients without knowing the why’s or how to safely direct them to prevent injury. Thus began my adventure into becoming a registered yoga teacher.

I had practice yoga off and on since 2013, but had difficulty finding time with consistency. I decided it was time to put myself first again, just like I would encourage my patients, and got back in the studio.

I love working through temporary limitations during my practice and learning more about myself. Yoga builds a great relationship between the mind, body, and soul. The connection of breath through movement seems like an easy task, but one can quickly see the challenges as they begin their practice. It is up to us to accept our current place on our journey without judgement. We are in our current space for a reason, it is not up to us to know exactly why at that moment.

I am here to help us grow together in a non-judgmental zone. I look forward to practicing with you as a forever student of yoga and guiding you through your practice.

See you on the mat