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“I can’t say thank you enough; Gaia flow taught me to find consuming, be it food or others.  It balanced my soul which had a yearn, a desire, a hunger that it attempted to find in food, which never seemed to last.  I realized in opening my heart, I was already complete, I didn’t need to work on it, find it, or change anything about myself; I just had to put all the puzzle pieces of my soul back together.  All action starts with a breath; even from the moment we are born.”  From 320 pounds to 158 pounds!!!


“When I first moved to Dallas, I was on the search for a fulfilling yoga studio that would bring me as much joy as my previous one; a studio that not only offered yoga classes, but a community rich of welcoming and loving students. I visited a few yoga studios before making my way to Gaia Flow. Each studio prior didn’t offer the energy I received immediately upon walking into Gaia Flow. The ambiance of the students, the green colored walls, the pace of the practice, the energy from others, all made me feel like I was at home. I felt safe, secure, and grateful to be under such a love-based community. My first class was intense, but knew if I kept coming back I would improve physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually in my new home. Gaia Flow Yoga immediately became my only choice in my yoga practice. They offer many variations that cater all yoga levels in a non-egotistical environment. I would recommend Gaia Flow Yoga to anyone seeking a path of yoga.”


” I am becoming a yoga addict and it’s this small gem of a studio that is enabling my addiction.  Prior to having arrived at the Gaia Flow Studio, I have taken yoga classes before and some I have enjoyed and some not so much.

And when I first entered the quasi-lobby I was a bit nervous since I am definitely not a pro but after being greeted by a friendly and professional staff at the front desk I came to feel completely at ease.

To your right you have the main section of the studio where all the fun yoga stuff takes place.  And on the left side of the entrance there is a walk in closet where the back wall is lined with wooden cubby holes where you are able to place  your belongings during class.

You can bring your own mat but they do have extras if you forget yours.Although this is a version of hot yoga its really no where near as hot as Bikram, thank God!  Chrystal Rae and Andres,  the principal instructors and owners of the studio,  do an excellent job in their instruction and in helping you to incorporate your own truth into the practice.They also offer modifications for beginners who are not ready to practice the most advanced poses. The flow aspect of the practice refers to the cardio exercises you perform and the strength training happens through the poses and the duration that you are able to hold them.The purpose of the heat is to help your body sweat out all the toxins and limber you up so your muscles are supple and better able to attain the poses you are attempting to engage.


Since you are sweating profusely, it is advisable to drink lots and lots of water before and after your practice.  Afterward, you realize how rejuvenated you feel and you can not wait to go back again.

The classes are small enough that you never  feel crowded and for the un-assimilated its really easy to get a spot closest to the exit in case you  need a quick breath of fresh air and I am not going to  lie cause I still do on occasion.

Happily, I am already seeing significant changes and even my skating coaches are noticing my skills are improving on the ice as well.

Still, I can absolutely do none of the binds but I am able to coordinate most warrior poses and planks and dog poses.  And I maintain the hope of someday mastering the hand stand as well.

The studio offers different packs of classes for reasonable prices.  And the first week special is comprised of  $21.00 for one week of unlimited Yoga classes.

And this yoga practice provides you with this natural high & sense of euphoria that you will be riding for several hours after the class ends.

I am starting to crave it  even on days when I am not scheduling myself to attend yoga class.  It’s a beautiful thing.

And to think when I first walked in to this quaint studio located in Addison Circle , I believed I would only be taking my friend Stacy’s first Ocean class  in order to be a  supportive friend.  Now, its only a month later and I am basically trying to attend at least four times a week.

Now most of you who know me know that I already have a super busy schedule so even attempting to incorporate yoga into my schedule is a feat onto itself.

I am really incredibly happy with my experience at Gaia Flow and I would encourage everyone to try it out if you are looking to get into yoga!”


Flor V.

“For the last two years my blood work has come back with high cholesterol.  Even though my doctor prescribed Lipitor, I refused to take this medication due to the potential side effects on the liver.  I really didn’t want to trade one problem for another.  After I committed myself to a regular yoga schedule my cholesterol count started to come down.  In September of 2007 my levels had come down even more but were still above normal levels.  I convinced my doctor to allow me another 3-4 months to bring the cholesterol levels where they needed to be, if not, I would give in and start taking Lipitor.  I just received my new blood work results and was totally surprised  when the doctor said the cholesterol levels are now below the allowed number.  Since I really have not changed my eating habits, I  have to contribute the positive progress to my yoga practices.   Chrystal’s, Tsunami Ocean, practices to get the heart rate up along with Andres, Desert, practices to rid toxic foods and toxic thoughts have made me a believer in you can take control of your health.  In addition to this inner improvement,  I am on a journey to attain mental peacefulness and spiritual bliss.  My outer body is also more toned than ever in my life.  I thank you, Chrystal and Andres, for finding me and for giving me support when I need it.  Lots of Love, Rebecca.

Rebeca Cook

“Great yoga get away in the heart of Texas!

This is my favorite place to get away from the hustle of life and get
intimate with myself. The class sizes are manageable, the postures are
challenging and toxins pour out of the body and mind. The first 20
minutes is full of powerful core building movements followed by a
brief discussion of how everyone is doing, almost as if the teacher
uses this to set the mood or intention of the class, which to me feel
intuitive on the teachers part and I appreciate that. The rest of the
class is full of exploring your body and mind as you move through the
almost wave like flow of postures. Modifying the poses to accommodate
your body’s limits is always welcome here. The classes end with deep
relaxation and an occasional massage with aromatherapy oils. I can’t
think of a better way to end a hectic day then spending time with
yourself in this wonderful yogi community.”

Jennifer A.

When I used to do yoga classes at a health club, yoga was a “workout” that I did a couple of days per week. Since coming to Gaia Flow, yoga has become a way of life.

Recently I awoke at 3 am stressing out over a home remodeling project that was not going as planned. But then I contemplated what a Gaia Flow instructor, known for her wisdom, had shared in a class earlier that day. She had applied for a position teaching yoga to cancer patients but was turned down.  She had been very excited about the opportunity and when she learned the position was already filled her initial reaction was one of bitter disappointment.

She then understood that there is a power greater than herself running the universe, everything was the way it should be, and she had peace about the situation. As I considered what the instructor had shared I found peace about what had been stressing me out and slept well the rest of the night.