All Gaia Flow Yoga practices  are conducted in a heated room (92-95 degrees). Although, all of classes are open to all students of all levels of practice, beginners and advanced, for your comfort and safety, we highly recommend beginning with the starred* classes  (such as Gentle Waves, Desert, and Still Water) .

We offer more than 42 yoga practices per week in each studio, more than half of which are specially designed for new yogis or those taking a gentle practice. There is a practice for everyone.  ENJOY THE JOURNEY!


We are honored to be part of your yogic journey!

For your convenience, in each one of our studios we offer plenty of  beginner yoga practices (Gentle Waves, Desert, and Still Water) every week.  REGISTER NOW

When practiced consecutively, with intention and consistency, you can expect increased flexibility, strength, toning, stamina, vitality, energy, and weight loss, along with an inner state of peace that translates to a more joyous life.

  • Beginners Welcome Letter

    We are so honored and happy that you have chosen to begin your yoga journey at Gaia Flow Yoga.

  • Beginners Practices

    All of our classes are multilevel, beginners and experienced yogis are welcome, but some classes are specifically designed for a beginning practice.  Gentle Waves, Desert, and Still Water (Yin Practice) are recommended for beginners.

  • Yoga Etiquette

    Review of the basic yoga etiquette of proper studio attire, what to bring to your first class and the normal protocol of the classes.

  • FAQ

    We want your Gaia Flow Yoga journey to be joyful so we have tried to answer some of the most frequently asked questions.

  • Yoga Class Schedule

    Practices denoted with a star ( * ) on the schedule are recommended for students new to Gaia Flow Yoga.

New Yogis: One week unlimited yoga for only $25