Gaia Flow Yoga Instructor - Kendra MuchelHow many breaths do you take in a lifetime? In a day, an hour, or each minute?

The amazing gift of the breath is that it is unconscious and conscious. Meaning that during your “sleeping” unconscious moments, the body still breathes for you and during your “waking” conscious moments you can choose how deeply you inhale and how deeply you exhale. Just three rounds of conscious breath will bring calmness to the mind, stillness to the body, even when you are in motion. The conscious breath connects you to your God, your spiritual truth, and brings you to the right here, right now moment, which is the only moment you have.

This conscious breath of life is one of the many gifts of yoga. Having stepped onto to the mat over 20 years ago as a freshman in college, my Zen Buddhist religion professor integrated yoga into the curriculum. He led the class through conscious breathing exercises while moving through the various asanas (postures). Learning about the mindful breath in motion empowered me to see the light in everyday life. For I believe light is within us at all time and all ways, we just have to choose to see it, and then let it be a light for others.

Thus, it is from my heart light, that I invite you to join us on the mat  ~ where you will be encouraged to move through the amazing breath of your life.  And guess what? It is a practice. Whether you have been unrolling your yoga mat for 20+ years or contemplating your first class, each breath is opportunity to begin again and again and again. Gaia Flow Yoga is a love-based practice, for every “ body”; created to joyfully serve you in the right here, right  now moment.

Looking forward to serving and practicing with you. In each breath ~ all my light, all my love, and all my joyfilled blessings.

Kendra is a speaker, teacher, and scientist, having taught anatomy and physiology all over the world for over 20+ years to a variety of audiences. She has a passion for serving the planet one yogi at a time to connect with their breath while increasing their strength and flexibility in a Spirit of Love. Kendra holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communication, a Master of Science in Anatomy, a Master of Business Administration in Marketing, and a 200-Hour Yoga Trained Certification.