When practiced consecutively, with intention and consistency, you can expect increased flexibility, strength, toning, stamina, vitality, energy, and weight loss, along with an inner state of peace that translates to a more joyous life.

What is Gaia Flow Yoga?2017-06-17T13:10:47-07:00

Gaia Flow Yoga is an innovative, intuitive, and unique blend of three traditional schools of yoga linked together with vinyasa flow – Hatha (union of opposites), Raja (contemplative) and Bhakti (devotional).

The fundamental structure of Gaia Flow Yoga is symbolically modeled after and grounded in the natural movement, flow and structure of the Earth (Gaia) and Nature.   The intrinsic quality of Nature is peace and power and flow.  These three qualities are the foundation and core of Gaia Flow Yoga.   Deeply rooted in ancient yogic philosophy and wisdom, yet unique in its modern expression, structure and utilization of conscious language and breath to move through resistance (on our yoga mat and in our lives) with kindness, compassion and the unwavering strength of unconditional love .

The complete Gaia Flow Yoga series consists of a three complementary and overlapping practices: Ocean (Cardiovascular training and Vigorous Flow), Mountain (Power and discipline), and Dessert (Detox and Heart Opening).  Individually each of these practices are powerful in their right and serve a particular purpose, but the unique structure of the complete comprehensive 3- part Gaia Flow Yoga series when practiced consistently together is powerful as well as life-changing.

Gaia Flow Yoga is about much more than twisting your body into a pretzel or chanting OM. The potent power of this love-based practice unfolds on the yoga mat as well as spilling over into everyday life.  As we move through entrenched habits of resistance, hurt, and pain, life naturally flows freer. The unlocked pranic energy (life-force) is experienced as a lightness of being, an abundance of energy and more joy in our lives.

The heart of Gaia Flow Yoga is a whole way of being that promotes healing, empowerment and enlightenment both on and off the yoga mat.  Peace, serenity and a true strength rooted in kindness, compassion and unconditional love is not limited only to mountaintop Eastern ascetics who choose to give up their worldly ties, but is equally available to the busy Western world.

It is not surprising there is so much suffering in a seemingly cold unfeeling world where the word love is often shunned as silly, weak and/or inappropriate.  Gaia Flow Yoga offers an opportunity for the modern practitioner to find a more powerful and harmonious way of living.  Students are empowered to balance their body, open their heart, expand their mind, discover and live their personal truth, set a strong disciplined intention for their life, surrender all struggle and make a conscious choice for peace and serenity that is unshakably grounded in kindness, compassion and the unwavering strength of unconditional love.

Many have asked after experiencing Gaia Flow Yoga, what is the secret  that makes the Gaia Flow Yoga practice so empowering, healing and transformative both on and off the yoga mat.  The answer is simple, the secret of Gaia Flow Yoga is that there is no secret.  Whatever the question, the problem, the struggle, the circumstance, the condition–beyond all the chatter of the mind–Love is the answer.

Can beginners attend our yoga classes?2017-06-17T13:10:47-07:00

We Welcome Beginners

  • At every stage of our practice and in our lives we are all beginners
  • We encourage all yogis to leave their ego at the door, pace themselves and trust their own bodies
  • In time you will build strength, focus, stamina and flexibility
  • The benefits of Gaia Flow Yoga do not occur overnight but the results are lasting.

Gentle Practices (*)

Practices with a star ( * ) on schedule are recommended for students new to Gaia Flow Yoga

All GFY practices are open to all levels of experience. However, for your comfort and safety, we highly recommend those new to the GFY experience begin with the gentler practices which are listed and starred(*) on the schedule

What do I wear?2017-06-17T13:10:47-07:00

Men’s Attire

  • T-shirt and shorts or sweat pants

Women’s Attire

  • Aerobic attire, shorts, and leotards. T-shirts, sports bra tops, etc

The most important thing to remember

  • Wear clothing that allows you to move freely, be comfortable, and have fun

Important Note

  • In GFY practice we bend and stretch and sweat a lot, please bring shorts that are long enough accommodate that kind of movement without flashing the instructor ;-)… Thanks
What do I bring?2017-06-17T13:10:47-07:00


  • A strong intention and a big smile
  • A bottle of water or maybe 2 bottles of water
    Please refrain from glass containers as we are all in our bare feet
  • A big towel and smaller towel to wipe the sweat
  • A yoga mat (may be purchased at studio)

Additional yoga props

(not required, but recommended)

  • A non-slip yoga towel (Yogi Toes)
  • Yoga blocks
  • Yoga strap

(The above items may also be purchased at Gaia Flow Yoga)

How does Gaia Flow Yoga differ from other forms of yoga?2017-06-17T13:10:47-07:00

Gaia Flow Yoga is a love-based practice based on intuition rather than tradition

  • One of the most significant, unique and refreshing  qualities of Gaia Flow Yoga is the utilization of conscious language, focused attention and breath work to encourage a  natural flow of joy and balance in our lives

The comprehensive Gaia Flow Yoga practice consists of 3 unique and synergistic practices (Ocean, Mountain, and Desert).

  • When practiced with intention and consistency, Gaia Flow Yoga will change your body and your life both on and off the mat.
  • If you think that you need to escape to a cave in the Himalayas to find the power, flexibility and enlightenment that Gaia Flow Yoga promises, think again.

In a Gaia Flow Yoga practice, you will discover new found strength, stamina, energy, flexibility and an inner peace you never knew existed…

What if I’m not that flexible?2017-06-17T13:10:47-07:00

We encourage you to develop a flexible mind

  • You don’t need to be physically flexible
  • Focus on letting go of all expectations
  • Allow yourself to sweat, breathe, and move, respecting your limitations

Yoga poses are meant to expose strengths and weakness, balance and imbalance–in the body, mind and spirit–offering an opportunity to grow and heal.  With time, practice and patience blocked energy, tension, struggle, worry and fear  are unlocked and released.  As part of this process your range of motion will then naturally increase.”  –Chrystal Rae

How often should I practice Gaia Flow Yoga?2015-05-19T05:04:41-07:00

A successful yoga practice requires discipline and wisdom and sustained effort.

The basic structure of Gaia Flow Yoga is a 3 part synergistic practice  precisely designed to balance the body, calm the mind and soothe the soul…

Each one of our 3 basic GFY practices (Ocean, Mountain, Desert) are unique and empowering  but when practiced together ( The complete 3-part GFY series)  have transformational results both on and off the yoga matWe encourage as a minimum goal of 3 practices per/week …

Consistency is the key to success:

Life-changing results:
  • Make it a goal to practice 3-6 days per week.
Transformation over time:
  • 2-3 days per week done consistently will create transformation over time
Ultimately you are the author and main character in  the unfolding script of your own life and you must decide what serves you  most both on and off the yoga mat.”  –Chrystal Rae
Will Gaia Flow Yoga be challenging for me?2017-06-17T13:10:47-07:00


Gaia Flow Yoga is  structured to encourage self-discipline personal empowerment and inner wisdom with the objective of getting you out  of stuck patterns and stagnant comfort zones.  In this way Gaia Flow Yoga takes you on a powerful and joyous journey to your own personal edge, pulling more out of you than you ever thought possible

The benefits spill out into every area of your life as empowerment, health and well being

The Good News!

Gaia Flow Yoga is a love-based practice which means you determine the intensity with which you work in each pose and throughout the process

There is absolutely no room for pettiness, judging, condemning or competing in a GFY practice

Is Gaia Flow Yoga open to all levels?2017-06-17T13:10:47-07:00


The empowering non-competitve structure of Gaia Flow Yoga allows for those new to yoga and more experienced yogis to practice in the same spaceHowever, we suggest and encourage students who are new to the experience of a flow yoga practice to select either a GENTLE WAVES, DESERT or a STILL WATER practice as an entrance to Gaia Flow Yoga practices.

Does Gaia Flow Yoga incorporate meditation?2017-06-17T13:10:47-07:00

Yes! of course

  • A more vigorous class is not necessarily less meditative than a slower, mellower class–we offer both!
  • The ingredients for creating a meditative state are the integrity of the teacher and the attention the student brings to the practice
  • Gaia Flow instructors use conscious language to encourage an energy in the room that is both empowering, healing and peaceful…
FINAL NOTE2015-05-19T04:32:47-07:00

Gaia Flow Yoga is more than a workout.  It is a conscious journey of self-discovery, empowerment and healing

“With an open heart and lots of love we welcome you to our yogic family …” –Chrystal  and Andres